Child safety online

The Internet is a fun, social and educational tool, provided it’s used wisely. While there are various Internet filtering tools available to help protect children from accessing inappropriate content, there is no substitute for parental involvement.

How children use the Internet. Children access the Internet through PCs, mobile phones and games consoles at home, at school, in friends’ houses, in libraries, Internet Caf├ęs and on the move. They use it for homework, online games, blogs, instant messaging and email.

Empower your children to protect themselves. Although fun, social, educational and creative, its important children learn to use the Internet wisely. We can’t be with our children all the time, so it’s important to give them skills so that they can make the right decisions in potentially dangerous situations. By empowering them, you can hopefully teach them to avoid dangerous situations altogether. Always engage with your children and talk to them about their Internet experience. Keep up-to-date with the technology they’re using so that you can learn with them. Know whom they’re talking to and what sites they’re visiting while online.